Zuidblok Stadionplein - Amsterdam

IQNN Development & Vink Bouw
Project location:
Stadionplein Amsterdam
2012 – 2017
10.500 m2 Hotel, hospitality and parking




The ‘Zuidblok’ is an omnidirectional building, which activates and enriches its environment. The square located between to the former Olympic stadium and the residential blocks of Berlage’s Plan South (Plan Zuid) had been functioning as a parking lot. With the new building an attractive square is created where not the car but the stroller takes a central role.  Part of the masterplan made by OMA/Rem Koolhaas a building envelope was prescribed containing a large cantilever to guaranty free sight over the square for it’s surrounding residents. As a challenge we set out to integrate the cantilever into the buildings’ tectonics, making it’s weight dissipate into the volume and creating a pleasant public space under the canopy. 

The building contains a visionary hotel concept for long-term stay, ‘’Twenty Eight’’ and a lively hospitality- and educational centre called ‘’het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal’’ (HAP). The program at HAP changes with seasons, trends and demands from its users. It’s a place combing education of the hospitality sector and a public meeting place, a place where knowledge, culinary art and taste development are combined into one. 

The buildings energy is being produced using a geothermal heat pump and solar panels panels on the roof. With this installation the building provides 70% of it’s own energy usage and is considered highly sustainable. It’s meeting the demands of the Gold class norms for sustainable Hotels in Amsterdam and received a Green Key and Greenglobe certificate. In the roofgarden various herbs and vegetables are being grown for the restaurant and educational purposes.