PriceWaterhouseCoopers Brainpark - Rotterdam

William Properties 
Project location:
Brainpark, Rotterdam
22.500 m2 Office space

The building, in which PriceWaterhouseCoopers is housed, stands on a dyke body that protects the underlying Brainpark. The curve follows the driveway to the highway. Brainpark is an office location on the Ring, but also an important sight location for residents of Rotterdam and passers-by. From an ensemble of 4 towers, a single building consisting of three discs was ultimately formed. The middle and higher tower was designed by Rapp + Rapp Architects and the anchoring towers by Kollhoff & Pols. The building is characterized by precise detailing and a composition that makes the whole look slimmer than it actually is.

The tight budget and the established standard for office locations only gave limited scope for a solid, sustainable and articulated architecture. Ultimately, simple brick pilasters were chosen and filled with parapets in gold-anodized aluminium. Apart from the octagonal, conical prefabricated columns that mark the entrance area, the architectural ambition is limited to the precise lines of the relief and the traditional execution.