Piraeus KNSM-Eiland - Amsterdam

De Doelen / Woonstichting
Project location:
KNSM laan, Amsterdam
1991 - 1994
26.300 m2 Residential and Commercial space

The transformation of the closed building block into a folded mass followed a number of functional requirements: sunlight, view, respect for existing buildings. The classic rectangular building block was distorted and shaped into a building with a tough and self-assured character that fits the nautical character of this part of Amsterdam. The use of natural materials and careful craftsmanship give the building a familiar face.

Since its completion, this building has been an example for modern Dutch (social) housing projects. The highly effective use of structure and material has ensured that the building was realized within a modest budget. Nevertheless, the building is accessed through multiple porches that give life to the building and a face at street level. Almost all apartments have winter gardens with windows that open fully. During the development of this building, the future residents were closely involved in the design process. The pioneers who saw salvation in moving from the center of Amsterdam to the old port area were repaid with personal control in the design. This concept was subsequently copied frequently within developing in the Netherlands.