Leidsche Rijn Centrum - Utrecht

ASR Vastgoed
Project location:
Grauwaartsingel, Utrecht
20.500 mApartments, commercial space, catering and offices

In the past decade a new urban district arose at the edge of Utrecht where nearly 100.000 people found their new home. To accommodate the needs of the residents and to create a feeling of belonging and pride a new city centre was needed. Jo Coenen, who was responsible for the urban plan of the area, supervised the development and execution of the plans. Kollhoff & Pols architects won the competition, together with four other architects, by developing a plan consisting of parcelled city blocks. In this way a varied and lively image was created, making the design a natural extension of its surroundings. 

Within the whole plan Kollhoff & Pols architects was responsible for 3 buildings throughout the new city centre. The buildings are characterized with a classical division of the façade. All three buildings have a high plinth, clad with Limestone, housing a variety of commercial and catering functions. Vertically the buildings are all covered by a gable roof, giving them a familiar character.