Katharina Cruquiuskade - Amsterdam

De Nijs Project Development
Project location:
Cruquiskade Amsterdam
2006 - 2017
24.500 m2 Horeca, commercial space and apartments

For a long time the ground on the crossroad of the Cruquiskade and Czaar-Peterstraat functioned as a derelict piece of residual space alongside an old railroad track. The competition of 2006 was won  with the design of two long urban building blocks, extending the 19thcentury structure. By extending the blocks until the waterline the profiles of the surrounding streets were restored. The heads of the the two blocks turn slightly towards the water and the crossing, creating a noble entrance to the Czaar Peter neighbourhood. In the plinth a combination of catering- and shopping functions are housed along the colonnade at the Czaar Peterstraat. Both blocks are connected with an underground supermarket and  parking garage. The wide and light apartments are located in the upper parts of the building and are accessible by various porch cores.